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Royal City Cycling

Royal City Cycling.png
Starting in October 2020, we are excited to partner with Royal City Cycling. This partnership hopes to motivate and inspire others to incorporate a healthy routine in their lifestyle. 
Many Canadians found a struggle to incorporate workouts & exercise after the COVID pandemic restricted us from our regular routines. At Royal City Cycling, the club brings its wheels indoors for a shared virtual cycling experience. Winter is right around the corner and it brings even greater reason to join the team.
Our partnership brings you a special blend of coffee perfect for cyclists
The Royal City Cycling Blend
Our famous Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and our new Costa Rican Heredia come together for the ultimate cyclist's espresso. Yirgacheffe coffee is known for its floral aroma and fruity taste. Additionally, Ethiopian coffee is often best used for espresso because of its reliable crema. 
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