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Royal City Cycling Blend

Royal City Cycling Blend

15 Grams
Price Options
One-time purchase
Weekly Subscription
Get coffee every week, save 5% and 15% goes to RCC Club.
C$15.25every week until canceled
Get coffee biweekly, save 2% and 15% goes to RCC Club.
C$15.73every 2 weeks until canceled

From $0.70 a cup, this coffee is roasted locally, plants a tree, and you can opt-in for our Bag Return Programme. *A standard cup of coffee uses a 15-gram ratio and based on full pound prices.


Full Name: Royal City Cycling Blend


Description: Our famous Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and our new Costa Rican Heredia come together for the ultimate cyclist's espresso. Yirgacheffe coffee is known for its floral aroma and fruity taste. Additionally, Ethiopian coffee is often best used for espresso because of its reliable crema.


15% of sales from the Royal City Cycling Blend is donated back to the Royal City Club


For those looking for a balanced espresso and a great blend to get you started in the early morning, this coffee is perfect for you. Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, through our collaboration with Royal City Cycling.  Staying together despite being apart physically is a must during these unpredictable and unsafe times. You can join their club today and receive perks like CTRL +ALT DEL Coffee, water bottles, snacks, cleaners, socks and so much more.


Royal City Cycling: (BEING UPDATED...)


You may find more information on the "learning section" on our desktop version of the site. For "participating locations" inside Ontario for cheaper and more reliable shipping please click here to learn more.