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Through the years

CTRL +ALT +DEL first launched on January 4th, 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed our relationship with e-commerce sites. Despite the unfortunate events, our coffee company was able to quickly adapt and take advantage of the increase of online patrons.


Following, we were able to find a niche market that was interested in the bridge between the environment, community, and customization. Since then, despite our small size, we have grown and adapted to fit the need of both our wholesale and direct customers.

New Bags - September 2022

Upon our third year of operation, we changed our style from classic black and white bags to something a little more thoughtful. We offer a bag-return programme and in the spirit of such we made sure these were long-lasting, durable, and eco-friendly. Everything about these new bags screams LOCAL. From our manufacturer in Burlington, Ontario to the artist and designer Sam Phippen from Guelph. Every bag plants a tree!

A Year in Review - December 2021

After a more consistent year, CTRL +ALT +DEL celebrates its achievements after 365 days.

A Year in Review - January 2023

In a less busy year, 2022 was still a year filled with some amazing milestones including our new bags releasing. Check out the most recent video below.

Launch Trailer - January 2020

Our very first video and release of CTRL +ALT +DEL Coffee Roasters.

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