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About us: hoping to make a positive difference

what is CTRL +ALT +DEL?

we are a coffee roastery

but a special one, we promise.

today, we currently do the following:

sell coffee, educate, and plant a tree for every bag

don't make every day the same, do something unique starting with us.

logout of your routine.

We currently provide customers with a bountiful amount of choice. A customer can select their bean origin, select the roast, and even choose what grind level they want. The customization in our company pilots a personalized experience for you. We also serve our customers by providing articles, videos, or posts monthly so you know more about what's in your cup.


Coffee is super important, it is the second most consumed beverage next to water in Canada (Coffee Association of Canada, 2019). Farmers around the world rely on a risky crop that is facing even harsher conditions due to global warming. Those farmers often are impoverished due to the lack of monetary support. Currently, they are facing an unfavorable position. Yet, if we as humans cannot change our environmental impact we could see a huge loss in coffee production. A coffee shortage would dramatically raise prices. 


Besides the environment, a lot of jobs are at risk. We at CTRL +ALT +DEL not only want coffee to succeed, but we want the planet to be healthier and happier. 

We seriously cannot make a difference without you.