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About Us

How we started and where we're going

CTRL +ALT +DEL Coffee Roasters started January 4th, 2020. Location: Guelph and surrounding areas through e-commerce plus in-store offerings at Eggcetra Restaurant.

Who, what, when, where, why?

My name is Christopher Rodgers, I am the founder and owner of CTRL +ALT +DEL. I grew up in Rockwood, Ontario and went to high school at Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute. Currently, I am undertaking studies at Wilfrid Laurier University.


From the age of nine when I had my first cup of coffee to the day I was eighteen and finally started my company, I have been a large follower of the coffee industry. My personal journey has been one with shared moments of joy, happiness, gratification, and determination. Coffee is a fundamental part of many lives, regardless of whether you grow it, roast it, or drink it. I wanted to share my experience with others and the first step was obvious. I hope that the coffee I roast and the message behind the concept can motivate others that everyone can create a meaningful difference no matter how small. 

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage next to water in Canada (Coffee Association of Canada, 2019).

When I had my first cup of coffee I shared that moment with my mother.

When I purchased my first bag of coffee, I shared it with my father. 

Coffee became a gift I would give others and that they would give me. A simple exchange but made them smile. 

I shared many lattes and americanos with some of my best friends.

Coffee shops were there during times of work or much needed R&R. 

Coffee goes beyond our personal experience though. It plays a very important role in others who do not get the same opportunity or privilege as me or you.


Farmers around the world rely on a risky crop that is facing even harsher conditions due to global warming. Those farmers often are impoverished due to the lack of monetary support. Currently, they are facing an unfavourable position. Yet, if we as humans cannot change our environmental foot-print we could see a huge loss in coffee production. A coffee shortage would dramatically raise prices. 


Besides the environment, a lot of jobs are at risk. We at CTRL +ALT +DEL not only want coffee farming to succeed, but we want the planet to be healthier and happier. 

We seriously cannot make a difference without you. 

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