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Costa Rican Heredia
  • From $0.45 a cup, this coffee is roasted locally and plants a tree.


    Full Name: Costa Rican Heredia.


    Details: Grown in a small province located on the North-Central mountain region of Costa Rica. The high elevation and volcanic soil make this origin one of the highest grade coffees of Costa Rica. The region is famous for its large innovation of coffee technology around the world. As the base of the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica, Heredia is the cradle of much of the innovation in coffee technology around the world. The coffee is produced by the family and friends of our green coffee importer. 


    Flavour notes: Alike our other high-grade Costa Rican, this coffee is perfect for those who love smoky and bold cups of coffee. With a darker roast, you'll be able to have a slightly bitter coffee with hints of dark chocolate and walnut. Preferred for medium to dark roasts.


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    Costa Rican Heredia

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