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Papua New Guinea Kuta

Papua New Guinea Kuta

15 Grams
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One-time purchase
Weekly Coffee
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C$14.78every week until canceled
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C$15.96every 2 weeks until canceled

From $0.76 a cup, this coffee is roasted locally, plants a tree, and you can participate in our Bag Return Programme. *A standard cup of coffee uses a 15-gram ratio and is based on full pound prices.


Overall: Coming from the Oceania continent, Papua New Guinea is a fairly floral cup of coffee reminiscent of black tea. With only slight acidity, you'll be happy you picked this coffee to wakeup with.


Flavour Notes: Toasted coconut, black tea, floral.


Suggested Roast Profile: Light to Medium roasts


  • Origin Details

    Full Name: Papua New Guinea Kuta

    Altitude: 1350 metres above sea level

    Process: Washed and sun dried

  • Additional Info

    You may find more information on the "learning section" on our desktop version of the site. For "participating locations" inside Ontario for cheaper and more reliable shipping please click here to learn more.