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Currently have one of our bags?

If you have one of our bags or will soon have some at your doorstep, please save them! 

  • We can totally reuse them

  • We offer a discount each time you do

  • Save the planet, save money


We will reuse the bag you give us and it will ONLY be used for your next order. You will never be given another person's bag for sanitary reasons.


Every time you give back a coffee bag you will receive 75 Bean Benefits for your next order. Bean Rewards will become available within 24 hours of receiving your returned bags.

If you're wondering how to give a bag back, simply leave it on your doorstep when you are expecting a delivery from us. We send a shipping email the day we are delivering. 


If you have not received an email from us for your discount or have questions please contact us at our email support: 

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