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Eggcetra Espresso Blend

Eggcetra Espresso Blend

15 Grams
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C$13.99every week until canceled
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C$15.11every 2 weeks until canceled

From $0.67 a cup, this coffee is roasted locally, plants a tree, made with Fair Trade Certified Coffee, and you can opt-in for our Bag Return Programme. *A standard cup of coffee uses a 15-gram ratio and based on full pound prices.


Full Name: "Americanos, lattes, espresso, Eggcetra!"


This is a special edition blend that combines Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic and Colombian Planadas. Creating a great espresso blend for an early morning wake up. Although this blend can be used for plain coffee, it is strongly recommended to use for all espresso beverages. Pairs well with a large breakfast from Eggcetra (located in Guelph, Ontario). Little acidity and brings out the best flavours from both origins. A balanced coffee with floral and citrus notes with a smoky toasted chocolate finish. Preferred for medium roasts. 


Eggcetra Restaurant: Located at 200 Victoria Rd South, Unit 16, Guelph, ON. A Guelph favourite since 2003. In June 2020 they began using this blend for their espresso beverages. You can try it today by stopping in and supporting a local business. Enjoy their countless breakfast options and sides. 


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