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Domains, Reviews, FAQs, and even a blog?

A person working on their laptop with a coffee cup, phone, and notepad.

We have a new, easy-to-remember, and Canadian-friendly domain name that you can begin using... now presenting! I think we get an "EH" for effort so you can shop in a more Canadian way. It still brings you to our famous site, however, this one aligns with our identity just a tad more.



Did you know we just celebrated four years on January 4th? We also are nearing 3000 trees planted in more than 10+ countries. All this to say we have a blog to report our milestones and stories on coffee, the environment, and technology. We only have a few posts up now (this newsletter pretty much), but we'll have more things come up!



Lastly, we want to hear from you! You can share your most urgent questions with us and we will create some handy FAQs so you always have an answer. We're also working on so many more features and enhancing the customer experience. However, for now, we hope you can support us by reviewing us on Google. See the button below:


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