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Upcoming Pause

It is really important for me to share that between the dates July 12th to August 6th CTRL +ALT +DEL will be offline and pausing orders. Resuming on August 7th.

There is a really good reason for this... I will be travelling to Portugal for school. Specifically a program called EIA or "European Innovation Academy". Therefore, in combination with the roastery being solely operated and handled by myself, I will be unable to roast, package, and delivery coffee. Please feel free to view my LinkedIn for more information on this educational opportunity.

Please see more details below on how this might impact you and my solution for this pause of deliveries.

How this impacts you and our solution...

Situation 1: You currently have an active subscription

  • Solution: You will be given an adequate supply of coffee for the three week pause. This includes your regular quantity of coffee you would expect during this period in addition to an extra "half-pound" to say thank you for your support and patience with us. That bag can be used however you wish including to be given as a gift to others.

  • We will send emails to active subscribers soon to confirm. Suspending/Pausing subscriptions are also an option.

Situation 2: You order individual bags usually when you are low on coffee

  • Solution: We would strongly reccomend ordering a quantity of coffee that would last you three weeks. We are offering a 15% discount during the week of July 3rd to July 12th to accomodate this inconvenience.

If you have other suggestions or accomodations you wish to be made please feel free to contact us at our email

After the pause...

Things will resume as normal... actually they will be even better.

After I come back from the EIA program, I will soon graduate from university. My focus will be on this business. I have a lot of ideas and have yet to execute on them. All of my ideas are to improve your coffee drinking experience. Some will be experimental and others are crucial updates to scale the company. Stay tuned for more!

Kind regards,


Contact for questions, comments, and concerns.


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