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  • How do I customize my coffee?
    Customizing your bag of coffee is one of the crucial differences with our site. You are able to specifiy which origin you want, roast level, ground level, and size of your bag. We make this possible inside the product page. Go to "coffee", select your origin and click "view product". Inside the product page is where you can further customize your coffee.
  • Does buying a bag really plant a tree? How?
    Great question. Yes, every bag purchased will in theory plant a tree. We have reduced our profits by donating to where at the end of our first season will donate equal amount to trees as bags purchased from our company. We hope to create a positive impact beyond making your day :)
  • Is CTRL +ALT +DEL coffee expensive?
    This is a difficult question. For the most part our coffee matches competitors and rather beats the majority of grocery store coffee prices. We know you may be wondering how our coffee prices compares to others. So we are hard at work at creating a page to directly compare these prices. Meanwhile, We understand the importance of bringing quality coffee to our customers. However, this quality is expensive for us and because of our small scale we make very small profits off of every bag. We would suggest to customers saving money to buy the larger bag size of 1lbs.
  • What goes into producing a bag of coffee at CTRL +ALT +DEL?
    1. Raw green unroasted coffee 2. Building and maintaining a great website that is convenient and easy to use 3. Planting a tree for every bag purchased 4. Coffee bags with vacuum seal and valve for longer lasting coffee 5. Manual labour, transportation, and packaging 6. Roasting coffee
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