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Tanzanian Peaberry
  • From $0.38 a cup, this coffee is roasted locally and plants a tree. Full Name: Tanzanian Peaberry. A new but familiar taste to the Brazilian favourite. It shares the same sweetness and flavour that is very distinguishable. If you're not familiar a peaberry is a singular coffee bean inside the coffee cherry, where typical coffee cherries have two coffee beans. Therefore, these beans look slightly different than the others. Peaberry coffees are often expensive and that's due to a smaller yield and hand-sorting. Flavour notes: you may expect ripe fruit and hints of cherry with a decently sweet taste. Much more acidic than most coffees but tastes great for lattes due to its natural sweetness. Strongly recommended for light to medium roasts!!!You may find more information on the "learning section" on our desktop version of the site. For "participating locations" inside Ontario for cheaper and more reliable shipping please click here to learn more.

    Tanzanian Peaberry

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