Brazilian Peaberry
  • This coffee is cheaper per 100g than over 50% of coffee offerings at local grocers. Plus it supports a good cause, it plants a tree!


    Full Name: The Brazilian Peaberry. A classic go-to for us at CTRL +ALT +DEL because of the sweetness and flavour that comes from this bean. If you're not familiar a peaberry is a singular coffee bean inside the coffee cherry, where typical coffee cherries have two coffee beans. Therefore, these beans look slightly different than the others. Also due to its size, it becomes an easier bean to roast. Peaberry coffees are often expensive and that's due to a smaller yield and hand-sorted, however, we purchased this bean in bulk and am able to offer it a cheaper price for you. Flavour notes: you may expect ripe fruit, cocoa, and decently sweet taste. With a good and strong body. Preferred for light to medium roasts


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    Brazilian Peaberry

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